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How it works

Skip the drone hassle with our Reports Service. We’ll send a legally-certified pilot to your site, process the data, generate the reports, and send them to your inbox.

Skip the data processing headache with our Software Service. Upload your imagery to SiteIQ after you fly your jobsite. We’ll process, store, and manage the data. You can generate unlimited reports for unlimited users online.

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Report ServiceSoftware Service
Fly whenever you pleaseSchedule flights instantly with Geohub.N/A
Fly the drone & capture imageryOur 107-certified pilot will fly an RTK aircraftYou can fly RTK/PPK/GCPs
Stitch the imagery into 3DSiteIQ will process, manage, and store the dataSiteIQ will process, manage, and store the data
Generate and share reportsThey’ll get automatically emailed outYou can generate unlimited reports for unlimited users

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RTK vs PPK vs GCPs – we work with them all, but why is RTK best?

Vertical accuracy in the dataReal-time accuracy assessmentUtilize existing base stationsBase station range# of GCPs requiredCompatible with site GPS calibration
RTK<0.1’. Yes. ReallyYesYes1-3 miles1 every 100 acresYes
PPK0.1-0.3’NoSometimes5-10 miles1 every 50 acresYes
GCPs0.2 – 1’NoNoN/A5-10 GCPs every 100 acresYes

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Camera & photogrammetryLIDAR
File outputsImagery, point cloud, contoursPoint cloud, contours
Vertical accuracy0.1′0.1 – 0.3′
Use casesHard surfaces & bare earthTopos underneath vegetation
and tree canopy

Cross-section of tree canopy and surface below


Classified surface beneath tree canopy

classified surface

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