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Industrial leaders use Identified Technologies managed commercial drone solution to increase project visibility and team productivity.  Our integrated software and services take care of everything from FAA compliance and flight planning, to advanced analytics.  You push the start button on the drone and we take care of the rest.


Dozens of leading media outlets have featured us for helping companies in construction and excavation reduce costs and win more business with job site data and analytics.  We empower Fortune 500 and ENR 400 companies, including PJ Dick, EQT, and Vulcan, with the ability to track progress on highways, well pads, mines and landfills in near real-time.  


Mapping 100 acres in 10 minutes dramatically increases team productivity and results in savings up to 90%.  We provide 2D data, 3D volumetrics, orthomosaics, as built versus as planned comparisons, as well as progress and cost forecasting and change detection.  Join our team’s mission to provide a new level of transparency and insights for the most difficult project management challenges.

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