Map Sites Fast

Engineers and Surveyors use Identified Technologies’ solution to accelerate site development and scale for more projects.

Detect Changes Quickly

Identify Right of Way (ROW) Issues

Use our change detection tool to highlight updates of ROW passages and fix issues before they become major problems.

Verify Data Quickly

Surveyors can perform ad hoc aerial data collection to get the most accurate initial data to start designing and building sites.

Don’t Waste Your Surveyors’ Time

Put an end to hundreds of exhausting man hours surveying sites on foot. Identified Technologies allows your surveyors to capture data from 100-acre projects in minutes for real-time decision making.


Scale Appropriately

Let the Solution Work for You

Our fully-managed solution is the perfect combination of software and services that integrate seamlessly with your team to capture and process data 300% faster to finish projects on time.

Grow Without Adding Headcount

Not having to do time costly data collection on foot reduces the need to hire new employees which enables surveyors to focus on the big picture. With us, you can increase your service offering without worrying if you have the resources to do so.

Decrease Costs, Increase Profits

Lower Your Cost of Ownership

Avoid constantly replacing technology and absorbing the costs. With our subscription model, you’ll always have the latest technology to stay efficient on the job site and a step ahead of the competition.

Cut Expenses Dramatically

Identified Technologies allows surveyors to capture aerial data for clients without budget constrictions. Now you can perform regular aerial mapping, at a fraction of the cost of the traditional methods, to increase transparency with clients.


“Working with Identified and using their drone solution has added significant value to our customers. We’re able to provide them, at a very low cost, aerial photography, and imagery. It’s allowed us to increase in many areas, specifically site work where we’re trying to capture earthwork volumes and calculations related to how much dirt on a site.”

David Stewart | Vice President | Keystone Consultants, Inc.

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