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Track Assets in Real-Time

Mining and Aggregate industry leaders use Identified Technologies’ fully-managed commercial drone solution to improve inventory tracking, profitability, and safety protocols.

Accurately Track & Record Assets

Monitor Assets in Real-Time

Perform ad hoc aerial surveys for 3D volumetric analyses of stockpiles and inventory. Schedule routine flyovers, daily or weekly, to make sure all records of assets are consistent.

Don’t Settle for Subpar Data

Gather accurate records of topography in custom coordinates for comparing all coordinate systems precisely.

Track Subcontractors Efficiently

Have subcontractors keep to schedules to avoid bottlenecks and costly delays.


Ensure Profitability

Optimize Mine Blasts

Create a simple, straightforward process for tracking and optimizing blasts to protect profitability.  Improve your raw material extraction costs.

Avoid Financial Surprises or Missed Sales Due to Untracked Inventory

Automatically verify and track stock yard inventory in real-time to inform your supply chain, forecasts, and cash flow.

Put Safety First

Establish Safeguards for Your Employees

Our solution helps you identify unknown, hazardous terrain, so can properly mark areas of risk to prevent injuries from occurring.

Avoid Injuries Caused by Heavy or Big Equipment

With oversight reporting, you can drive transparency into your workflows to create proper precautions.


“Between what we measured and what the plant said we did there was only a 0.01% difference. That level of accuracy is amazing and increases confidence in the project. We have seen projects that had to write off a million dollars, but we can eliminate that moving forward. The impact to our bottom line is potentially millions when you look at a portfolio of 20 sites. There are millions of dollars at stake and now inventory management for every plant can be precisely managed.”

Brent Bradshaw | Group Mine Engineer | Carmeuse

Brent Bradshaw Carmeuse Testimonial About Identified Technologies

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