Your Data Speaks Volumes

Energy leaders stay compliant by monitoring and detecting changes quickly and efficiently using Identified Technologies’ fully-managed solution.

Detect, Analyze, and Respond to Issues

Detect Right of Way (ROW) Changes

Our change detection tool can highlight updates to ROW passages to prevent minor issues becoming major problems.

Monitor ROW Passages On-Demand

With Identified Technologies you’re capable of performing unlimited flyovers at no additional cost. That way you have a quick, cost-effective method of patrolling areas as you see necessary.

Capture Immediate Emergency Response Data

Have a drone in the air at the push of a button to detect major problems and have data back in your hands quickly to improve emergency response, safety risk identification, and oversight to minimize damages.


Improve Transparency, Increase Profitability

Capture Survey Data Efficiently

Boost your surveyor’s data capturing abilities by accurately mapping topography and elevation on construction sites with our drone software.

Get Product to Market Fast

Perform ad hoc aerial surveys, large or small, so you don’t have to avoid relying on out-of-date public data. Collect data faster and at a lower cost so your project never slows down and get the product out the door quickly to start making a return on investment (ROI) much sooner.

Always Meet Compliance

Fix Issues Fast to Stay Compliant

With data collection on demand, you can quickly identify and fix problems to stay compliant with FERC and other energy-related regulations.


“You don’t have to fly your entire acreage to get an update. The drone will go out and do all the work for you. The points it collects are all georeferenced so the drone knows where it’s at in the world. Now, it’s just as simple as having GPS to get a few known spots…and then let it fly.”

Josh McLaughlin | Manager of Geomatics | Seneca Resources

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