Maximize Cell Utilization

Solid Waste and Landfill companies measure density with accuracy to improve cell efficiency and increase profitability using Identified Technologies’ fully-managed solution.

Increase Resource Efficiency

Calculate Cell Compaction

Before you could only calculate weight. Now you can measure density accurately to maximize cell capacity. Compact each cell so no air space goes unused.

Know Which Areas Need Attention

Track cell progression using 3D volumetric reporting. Gather smart insights into each cell’s use so you can increase compaction in the necessary areas.

Track Subcontractors Efficiently

Have subcontractors keep to schedules to avoid bottlenecks and costly delays.


Do More With Less

Cut Survey Expenses Dramatically

Uplift budget constrictions caused by expensive monthly flyovers. Give yourself consistent updates with aerial data collections at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

Decrease Costs With Each Cell

Make sure each cell is being used efficiently to decrease costs. Review data regularly so you can pinpoint cells that are creating a loss in profit.

Create Safer Work Conditions

Establish Safeguards for Your Employees

Our solution helps you identify unknown, hazardous terrain, so can properly mark areas of risk to prevent injuries from occurring.

Avoid Injuries Caused by Heavy or Big Equipment

With oversight reporting, you can drive transparency into your workflows to create proper precautions.


“The best part was that the aerial imagery and 3D surface models were available for me to view and download when I got to work at 8 AM the next morning in any resolution or format we might need to start developing site modifications. The efficiency is unreal.”

Steven Trate Jr., PE | Civil Engineer | Keystone Consultants, Inc.


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