Delivery by drone is now available

Aerial Delivery Drone

Even though the FAA iced a Wisconsin brewery’s plan last year to use drones to deliver beer to fishermen on the frozen lakes of Minnesota, there are a few off-beat deliveries being carried out by UAVs in America on private property.

At the Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas high rollers who have a minimum alcohol order of $20,000 qualify for champagne delivery via drone within the club.

Similarly, guests who stay in the $10,000-a-night Alexandra Suite at the Casa Madrona luxury hotel in Sausalito, CA get champagne drone delivery as part of the price.

Meanwhile, drone deliveries outside one’s own boundaries await FAA approval. Lakemaid Beer had its service grounded as drone package delivery is not yet permitted in the U.S.

The potpourri of unusual drone deliveries that have been mothballed due to FAA regulations include flowers (Michigan’s

Chicken wings (Tilted Kilt restaurant of Milford, CT) and dry cleaning (Manayunk Cleaners in Philadelphia

That may soon change as a July 17 drone delivery of medicine to a field hospital set up on the Wise County Fairgrounds in rural southwestern Virginia as part of a healthcare outreach program will make history as the first federally-approved package deliveries in the U.S.

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