Mapping Drones Help You Win More Bids

Win More Bids Mapping Drones

Can mapping drones help you win more bids?

Construction and engineering companies using mapping drones win contracts over those using old fashioned, outdated methods. Companies using a drone can return job site data up to 200 times faster than data capture done by a helicopter or fixed-wing plane. A drone can take to the skies to gather data, the moment they’re powered on. It can then map a 100-acre site in a matter of minutes or a 1,000-acre in little more than an hour. Questions and changes can be addressed immediately, before they cause delays and disagreements.  The end result is a confidence and trust that leads to winning more bids and retaining long-term clients. By contrast, it can take up to one month to schedule a manned flight or survey team and up to another month to receive the processed mapping results.

The Boomerang mapping drone generates detailed reports on par with LiDAR. The near real-time data reports, empower faster communication and project management on rapidly changing job sites. Take your customer, contractors, and leadership team on a guided journey through your construction project. Help them appreciate the job site scale, and the impact you had from the start to the completion of the construction process. Differentiate yourself from the competition as an industry innovator. Win more bids from customers who demand increased visibility from modern drone technology. Read a case study on our drone speed and accuracy.

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