Aerial Survey Drone Vocabulary – Everything You Need to Know

aerial mapping drone

 Understanding Mapping Drone Terminology

With the recent spike in commercial aerial survey drone popularity, it is important to understand the vocabulary associated with this new technology. This is a rapidly changing field, and keeping up to date with the terms is vital to knowing how construction mapping survey UAVs can help your company. Here are a few of the important terms:

3D Volumetric Analysis – Determination of the concentration, by volume, of a substance based on 3D mapping of areas of interest.

Area of Interest (AOI) ­- The area that the client would like mapped.

As-Built vs. As-Planned – A retrospective model that compares the baseline, or as-planned, construction schedule against the as-built schedule or a schedule that reflects progress through a particular point in time.

Cut and Fill – In earthmoving, the process of constructing a railway, road or canal whereby the amount of material from cuts roughly matches the amount of fill needed to make nearby embankments, so minimizing the amount of construction labor.

Digital Surface Model (DSM) – A digital reproduction of ground surface created from terrain elevation data.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – The national aviation authority of the United States. An agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation, it regulates and oversees all aspects of American civil aviation.

Flight Plan -­ A specific route that the drone will fly within the area of interest.

N Number – A specific identification number associated with an individual aircraft that is registered in the United States.

Ground Control Point (GCP) -­ Points on the surface of the earth of known location used to geo-reference data. These marks are visible from a drone’s photo and are used to more accurately identify a location.

Orthomosaic Overlay – A final image/map, composed of many smaller photos of a particular area of interest. This map can be combined with other “views” to generate the desired data.

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