How aerial mapping drones can help architects

How are aerial mapping drones helping architects?

Architects are exploring the many benefits of mapping drones for improving and expanding their businesses. Here are just a few examples:

1) Tell the story of your project.  Show current and potential customers before and after fly-throughs of your job site so they can experience and appreciate the scale and impact of your work.


2) 3-D point clouds with centimeter grade accuracy on progress, so you can get the precision updates you need to keep project approvals on time, without physically traveling to the site.


Track and share “before and after” progress over time.  Securely collaborate on specific areas of interest with your team, contractors, and customers.


3) Get context for your project, plan your architecture with a full view of the surrounding area.


4) See 3D volumetrics so you know what you’re building on, and can track progress.

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