How much money will real time job site reports save you?


Time is money. Waiting weeks or months to receive mapping information for rapidly changing job site causes bad data, delays, excessive labor costs, and unhappy customers. Traditional mapping methods such as a manned helicopter or fixed-wing plane or a ground survey team often takes 1-2 months to gather and process the data into a report. By the time you receive it, the data is already old, inaccurate, and misleading.

Project management decisions are only as good as the data they’re based on. Outdated surveys mean unexpected delays, project timeline bottlenecks and blown budgets. With fast accurate job site updates, most workplace accidents and lost customers could have been avoided.  Access the recent case study and webinar to see the savings customers are experiencing using automatic drone reporting.

Avoid unnecessary stress and problems with the rapid data our Boomerang drone system provides. We deliver aerial mapping drone data up to 200 times faster than traditional approaches. Our data is accurate within 1 centimeter of LiDAR, high enough for almost any job.

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