The 4 reasons NOT to buy a drone mapping product

reasons not to buy drone mapping

Most drone mapping vendors offer a product.  There are 4 drawbacks to that approach.


#1 – The strategic goals are different for each organization.  The solution that makes sense for a Fortune 500 company with 30 locations across North America is not going to work for a regional excavator with 2 offices.  The demands aren’t the same, and the pricing, technology, and services shouldn’t be either. One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our client success and services team work closely with you to learn your strategic and operational needs and create a custom solution to achieve your exact goals.


#2 – Drone mapping technology is moving so fast that what is cutting edge today will soon be obsolete.  It’s not enough to be equipped with the best hardware and software today.  The right solution includes free automatic software updates and optional hardware upgrades so you will always be current with the latest tech capabilities.


#3 – Would you rather have your brain surgery done by a general family practitioner or an expert brain surgeon? Most drone companies claim they do everything from roof insurance inspections, to filming weddings, to disaster relief, to agriculture analysis.  They try to do everything, so they don’t specialize in anything.


To quote the martial arts legend Bruce Lee, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”


The right solution serves your specific needs better than anyone else.  Heavy civil contractors and mining companies need 3D job site tracking to drive better project management decisions.  Fortune 500 and ENR 400 leaders trust that focused expertise to scale best practices, deep insights, and enterprise security across operations whether they have 1 active job site or 1,000.  


#4 – Your chain is only as strong as the weakest link. You are exploring drone mapping because you want real-time, data-driven insights for better project management decisions.  Unfortunately, each drone mapping product only offers one small piece of the puzzle. Any failure point in the chain from FAA regulations, operations, flight planning, drone data capture, processing, storage, to analytics renders the entire output useless.  While other vendors may point fingers at each other if you get bad data back, the right all-in-one solution includes every link in the chain. A single provider is responsible for your entire integrated system and our best-in-class support includes expert troubleshooting if you ever have a problem.  You will sleep better at night knowing that your work will not be held up by bad data or malfunctioning technology.


At Identified Technologies, your success is our success.  That’s why we don’t offer a single product.  We offer a partnership.  Please signup for a free demo to explore whether a drone mapping partnership is right for your organization.

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