Will you be stuck with obsolete drone technology?

Obsolete Technology Drone Surveying

Are you considering using automatic UAV system but don’t want to miss out on future advancements in drone technology? If you buy a drone, you’re stuck with it forever. If you lease with Identified Technologies you will always be using the newest hardware and software. Our dedicated team spends every day working on new features and functionalities for the system. We’re always striving towards even more intuitive use, with faster processing, and more advanced sensors and analytics. As software upgrades become available, they are automatically uploaded to the drone and to your computer and mobile devices. Updating to the newest technology is even easier than a Windows or smart phone OS upgrade. With us, you will never be locked into old technology. Both existing and new clients of Identified Technologies receive the new software uploads at the same time. So join our expanding client list of industry leaders and rest assured that you will always be using the most advanced technology.

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