I remember trying to convince a bank back in the 1980s that my PC and programming skills could replace a mortgage-loan program on its expensive mainframes. The bank people laughed and said, “Please come back later. We’re not ready for the PC yet.”…so it will go with the drone.

— Are unmanned aerial vehicles replacing the computer?

Unmanned aerial vehicles are to business today, what computers were in the 1980’s.  Companies that realize the transformative impact of the technology are leaving their late-adopting competitors too far behind to catch up.

“Several operators and startups right here in Pittsburgh have accepted responsible rules of the road and successfully applied for a special FAA exemption to fly drones legally. East Liberty-based Identified Technologies, for instance, can fly unmanned vehicles around industrial sites such as natural-gas rigs to survey the grounds while transmitting infrared and other data back to the company. Such drone operators are to be applauded as they push forward responsibly to create new and useful businesses.”…

Read more of this excerpt from consultant and entrepreneur Thomas Reinsel’s recent Post Gazette article.

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